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25/06/2020 Sando’s solution to build vertical tunnels next to railway tunnels in service at city centres

Sando has implemented during the construction works for the three new emergency exits in the high-speed tunnel Sants-La Sagrera an innovative system to build vertical tunnels next to railway tunnels in service under city centres.    ( more » )
11/06/2020 Siemens Mobility Spain develops solution to adapt train frequency to passenger demand
Siemens Mobility Spain is currently developing the IARO rail traffic manager, a solution that will allow metro and commuter train operators to know in real time the demand for passengers, in order to adjust the frequency of trains in the same way.    ( more » )
11/06/2020 Talgo develops measures to avoid propagation of coronavirus in its trains

Talgo is working on the development of solutions focused on avoiding the propagation of the coronavirus in its trains and guaranteeing maximum safety in passenger transport.    ( more » )
12/05/2020 Ineco joins global initiative “Innovation against the virus”
Ineco has joined the global initiative “Innovation against the virus”, launched by the Ministry of Education of Castilla y León and Startup Olé to tackle the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.    ( more » )
24/04/2020 Unimodel project to reduce cost of rail vehicle construction and delivery times by 20%

Researchers from CAF, Ceit and Tecnun are collaborating on the Unimodel program, which aims to reduce the cost of rail vehicle construction and delivery times by 20%.    ( more » )
25/06/2019 Variable gauge axle system for freight wagons obtains accreditation

Adif, Azvi and Tria have obtained accreditation from the National Agency for Railway Safety (AESF) for the entry into service of the variable gauge axle system for freight wagons (OGI), which they have jointly developed.    ( more » )
09/05/2019 Railway Innovation Hub promotes standardization of rail BIM

The Spanish cluster for innovation in rail mobility, the Railway Innovation Hub, has promoted an initiative that will be developed by Grant Thornton and Ineco to launch and standardize the application of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to ...   ( more » )
27/02/2019 Mafex creates the Spanish Hyperloop Observatory
Mafex, the Spanish Railway Association, has created the Spanish Hyperloop Observatory in order to deal with the uncertainties around that system and benefit from the great experience the railway sector has in high speed.    ( more » )
30/01/2019 E-Lobster, a research project to reduce energy losses in urban networks
The E-Lobster project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 energy programme, will analyse the synergies between European power distribution networks and electrified transport networks with the aim of reducing energy losses.    ( more » )
19/12/2018 Fast recharge system for electric cars at Málaga María Zambrano railway station
Adif has commissioned a system of fast recharge for electric cars at the Ferrolinera located in the underground parking of Málaga María Zambrano railway station, to which a second fast ...   ( more » )
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