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CAF to supply 22 additional trams for the Dutch province of Utrecht

CAF will supply 22 additional trams, Urbos 100 type, for the Dutch province of Utrecht, thus extending the ongoing order of 27 units awarded at the beginning of 2015.

CAF to supply 22 additional trams for the Dutch province of Utrecht

The new trams will replace the more than 30-year-old vehicles currently operating on the line between the cities of Utrecht, Nieuwegein and IJsselstein. These units are an extended version of the Urbos 100 tram ordered in the first contract between CAF and the province of Utrecht for the Uithof line.

The new trams will consist of seven modules instead of the five of the previous version, thus reaching a length of over 41 metres. The train set and length are the only differences between both versions of the Urbos 100 trams, which can be coupled leading to train sets of 75 metres in length and a total capacity of almost 500 passengers, making it the longest city tram in Europe.

The vehicles will have regenerative brake and LED-lighting, and are prepared for the installation of an energy recovery and storage system which would allow the tram to run without catenary. The trams for Utrecht will offer attractive appearance and a high comfort level inside, in addition to easy accessibility, temperature control and passenger information systems.




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