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Metro de Madrid’s Energy Saving Plan saves 50 million euros in five years

Metro de Madrid’s Energy Saving Plan has allowed the operator to save up to 50 million euros in its energy bill over the last five years. Since it was implemented in 2012, Metro de Madrid has reduced by 25% the electrical energy consumed for the daily operation of the service.

Metro de Madrid’s Energy Saving Plan saves 50 million euros in five years


The Plan, which includes a total of twelve measures relating to rolling stock, installations and equipment of the Metro de Madrid operating network, also contributes to a reduction in the company’s environmental impact, as energy represents around 70% of its emissions. All of this without affecting the provision of the service.

Notable amongst the measures implemented is a new driving technique that maximizes energy consumption, maintaining a constant speed and avoiding unnecessary accelerations and braking. This new smart driving technique makes the operator one of the most energy-efficient through consuming 1.3 kWh/km travelled versus the average of the world’s major metro systems, which stands at above 2.6 kWh/km.

Furthermore, Metro Madrid is replacing the lighting at stations and on the rolling stock with LED technology lamps, and it is developing a smart ventilation management system in tunnels that improves both the efficiency and thermal comfort and lowers energy consumption even more.


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