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Stadler’s first Eurolight locomotive enters service in Italy

The first Eurolight locomotive supplied by Stadler to Italian freight rail operator Dinazzano Po has undertaken its maiden journey hauling a container train between Reggio Emilia and Minucciano Pieve Casola stations.

Stadler’s first Eurolight locomotive enters service in Italy



The locomotive, developed and manufactured in Valencia, has four axles as well as an engine with an output of 2,800 kW and high pulling power, enabling it to travel both on main lines and on class C secondary lines.

The Eurolight platform, with 34 units sold in the United Kingdom where these vehicles constitute Class 68, complies with the latest European standards as regards safety, emissions and environmental protection.

Dinazzano Po, which works mainly in the region of Emilia-Romagna and focuses on the ceramics sector logistics, is the first Italian rail operator to use this light diesel-electric locomotive. From May on, the unit will make two daily trips from Minucciano to the Dinazzano railway station in order to supply raw materials to a major production point of the Kerakoll company.


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