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Indra develops smart gate to improve rail freight transport

Indra is developing a smart rail gate aimed at digitally identifying cars and loading units transported in railway terminals, which will allow an increase of 10% in the capacity, reliability and punctuality of freight transport.

Indra develops smart gate to improve rail freight transport


Indra is working to adapt its identification technology and electronic toll collection for highways to applications for rail traffic, within the framework of the FR8Hub R&D&I project (Real time information applications and energy efficient solutions for rail freight).

The objective is the dynamic and real-time automatic detection, classification and identification of railcars and goods. This is possible thanks to Indra’s toll solution for highways, which includes laser sensors and capture of high resolution images, to which new sensors will be added, such as electronic tags with RFID technology and specific algorithms for the identification of rolling stock.

The FR8Hub project will develop a multimodal data exchange platform between the different actors involved in freight transport to make all the information generated available to the operator, which will be able to know what goods are to arrive, which have been dispatched, etc. and thereby improve decision-making.

The definition of this network management system will allow Indra to evolve its DaVinci TMS system in order to integrate it in the rail transport of goods. This adaptation, in addition to new developments framed within the transversal Impact-2 project, also part of Shift 2 Rail, would allow for integrating Indra's DaVinci system with the new intermodal data exchange platform and for defining new, additional functionalities specifically for the planning and operation of goods.


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