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Indra to develop Internet of Things platform for railway sector

Indra has started to develop and test new solutions designed to improve rail transport safety, efficiency, interoperability and service, as part of a new generation of Internet of Things (IoT) systems within the framework of the Scott and Enact European projects.

Indra to develop Internet of Things platform for railway sector


The company is involved in the R&D&i Scott European project for the development of solutions and products based on secure, reliable and interoperable wireless communication technologies, which will allow the different rail infrastructure elements and devices and those on board the trains to communicate with each other, with control centres and with cloud platforms.

This project, co-funded by Spain’s Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda and the European Commission, also encourages the development and use of low-consumption and energy efficient devices.

Indra, which is leading the industrial cases as well as the railway domain and the related use cases, also contributes its IoT secure processing hardware platform for rail transport In Vital Rail to the project, a solution that can integrate all kinds of on-board devices as well as those already deployed in the infrastructure.

Indra is also working on the use of the Dev Ops methodology within the framework of the European R&D&i Enact project, as part of the European H2020 innovation program.

The company will employ the Dev Ops methodology for a new service that uses IoT to monitor, control and manage the configuration and integrity of the Gulbene tourist train in Latvia.

In addition, Indra brings its hardware platform In Vital Rail and the platform with IoT and big data capabilities from the company's digital transformation unit, Minsait IoT Sofia2, to the project.


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