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Spain and Portugal make progress with high-speed connections

The general assembly of the European Group of Economic Interest - High Speed Spain-Portugal (AEIE-AVEP) is making progress with the works of the technical groups in the three rail connection points between Portugal and Spain: Valença-Tuy, Vilar Formoso-Fuentes de Oñoro, and Elvas-Badajoz.

Spain and Portugal make progress with high-speed connections

(25/07/2018)  Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) has started the bidding process of several projects for sections of the Évora-Mérida connection, while Adif makes progress with its infrastructure work on the Extremadura-Portugal high-speed line. Besides, rail traffic between Spain and Portugal has grown by 12 percent in 2017.

The assembly will carry out a study on railway infrastructure regarding the expected arrival of the standard gauge to Vitoria when the opening of the Basque Y takes place, identifying the totality of aspects to be dealt with, which focus mainly on:


  • Length of trains up to 750 metres, gauges and ramps, sections that are missing and those that already have scheduled actions.
  • Electrification and signalling interoperable railway equipment.
  • Use of rolling highways.
  • Existence of one-stop shop in the Corridor and implementation of new types of train slots adapted to the market expectations on the entire Corridor until Germany.

The assembly highlighted the importance of international freight traffic inside the Peninsula as well as an efficient and competitive railway connection between the ports of Portugal’s Atlantic coastline –Sines and Leixoes– and all the Spanish ports in the Mediterranean seafront.


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