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Metro de Madrid hosts UITP Security Commission meeting

Metro de Madrid hosted the Security Commission of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), which gathered representatives of 31 metro networks from all parts of the world.

Metro de Madrid hosts UITP Security Commission meeting


The meeting was structured into three days that included round tables and a range of working sessions during which the participants addressed issues related to security in public transport, the use of drones and video surveillance or the contracting of advanced systems to support security.

The participants had the chance to benefit from technical visits to several facilities of Metro de Madrid such as the Main Control Post, which is responsible for the integrated management of train traffic, security systems, surveillance, energy and passenger information. It also integrates all the operating systems for responding to emergencies, the regulation of trains and other systems equipped with control logics.

A visit was also arranged to Chamartín Station and its exhibition of classical trains, as well as to the underground’s facilities in Canillejas, which includes areas for training, engineering, medical services and repair shops.


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