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Fast recharge system for electric cars at Málaga María Zambrano railway station

Adif has commissioned a system of fast recharge for electric cars at the Ferrolinera located in the underground parking of Málaga María Zambrano railway station, to which a second fast recharge point, to be placed outside the terminal, will be added in the coming months.

Fast recharge system for electric cars at Málaga María Zambrano railway station


The fast recharge point allows up to two simultaneous recharges: one through the Chademo connectors or CCS Combo (up to 50 kW DC) and the other via a standard connector (up to 43 kW AC).

This new service has been integrated into the city’s charging point network via the Electromaps application. Users get an hour of free parking when they occupy the parking spot associated with the charging point.

A second fast recharge point outside the terminal will complete this system. To this end, the electrical connection will be reinforced and a converter for a better use of the braking energy coming from the trains will be developed, from 25,000 volts AC of the catenary to 400 volts AC of the recharge points. When this action is finished the two recharge points will be supplied by the energy recovered from the braking of the trains.

The Ferrolinera is the result of several R&D&I projects in which Adif has incorporated the most innovative and efficient technologies to the railway network, technologies that are associated with electromobility. Adif is the holder of the Ferrolinera’s industrial property rights, protected in Spain by a patent and two national brands: Ferrolinera and Ferrolinera Adif.


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