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E-Lobster, a research project to reduce energy losses in urban networks

The E-Lobster project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 energy programme, will analyse the synergies between European power distribution networks and electrified transport networks with the aim of reducing energy losses.

E-Lobster, a research project to reduce energy losses in urban networks


The project’s research consortium is formed by nine partners from five European countries. Led by Italian consulting firm Rina, the consortium comprises RINA, Turbo Power Systems, RSSB, the universities of Birmingham and Newcastle, the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), Lithium Balance, and Spanish partners Metro de Madrid and Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (Spanish Railways Foundation).

The main goal of E-Lobster is to develop an innovative, economically viable and easily replicable electric Transport-Grid Inter-Connection System that will establish synergies between power distribution networks, electrified transport networks (metro, tram, light railway, etc.) and charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe.


E-Lobster is proposing an advanced R+G (Railway to Grid) management system that will be able to reduce electricity losses in both networks, maximizing the use of local renewable energy sources and making them interact with each other in a mutual strategy.
Specifically, E-Lobster develops and validates a new real-time Railway to Grid/Grid to Railway (R+G) energy management system aiming to optimize the interaction between electrified transport and distribution networks using shared assets.

In addition, it develops an innovative unique tool for the real-time monitoring of losses and energy consumption of power distribution networks and railway electrification networks validated through real data.

E-Lobster will show the functionalities of this system through a pilot test in a real environment that will take place in Spain, in Metro de Madrid’s facilities.



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