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Railway Innovation Hub promotes standardization of rail BIM

The Spanish cluster for innovation in rail mobility, the Railway Innovation Hub, has promoted an initiative that will be developed by Grant Thornton and Ineco to launch and standardize the application of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to the Spanish rail sector.

Railway Innovation Hub promotes standardization of rail BIM


The initiative aims to obtain a standard of work under BIM technology when it comes to developing new railway projects, classifying for the first time in the world the elements of the different rail subsystems liable to be included in models using this technology.

The objective is to achieve a “rail BIM modeling” that manages and organizes detailed data of all the stages of a building project, thus creating a collaborative design and planning method which optimizes times and resources in large railway construction projects.

Open project

The project is open to the participation of any company that is part of the cluster and has experience in BIM technology, interested railway operators, research centres, technological centres and universities or companies specialized in training.

The result of the research and the resulting classification will be in the public domain, so that all the companies that participate in the development must expressly renounce any exploitation rights in order to guarantee the maximum impact and dissemination of the new classification as well as contribute to the boost of the BIM technology, which will be key to the technicalization of the rail sector.


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