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Indra and Talgo, founding members of Europe´s Rail program

Indra and Talgo have becomed one of the 25 founding members of Europe's Rail, the largest railway innovation program in Europe and, therefore, join its Governing Board.

Indra and Talgo, founding members of Europe´s Rail program


Both companies will contribute their technological capabilities and experience, and collaborate with leading European companies, organizations, institutions and universities to develop and test on a large scale new marketable digital and sustainable solutions that place the train at the centre of green mobility.

Indra and Talgo have contributed to design and aspire to participate in projects in the seven Flagship Areas (FAs), the main areas of activity in which the Europe's Rail program is structured, together with the crossover area of digital enablers.


Specifically, in addition to working in this crossover area, they will seek to develop new technologies for the management of the rail network and passenger mobility in a multi-modal environment (FA1); the digitalization and automation of operations to move towards the autonomous train (FA2); intelligent and integrated asset management (FA3); projects to move towards a sustainable green rail system (FA4); new digital and sustainable services that improve the competitiveness of rail freight (FA5); new innovative solutions and services to boost regional rail services (FA6); as well as innovating new approaches for new guided transport modes, such as Hyperloop (FA7).

Indra and Talgo's purpose is to contribute their experience with the aim of leveraging all the benefits of CyberRail IoT, satellite ERTMS, digital twins, big data, Artificial Intelligence and smart maintenance technologies to turn the train into the centre of the new mobility ecosystem and put it at the service of the traveller. This will also be aided by developments to make vehicles more efficient, attractive, sustainable, and have a smaller environmental impact.




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