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OHLA carries out digitization of Lund-Arlöv project in Sweden

OHLA has carried out the digitization of the construction of the Lund-Arlöv railway line in Sweden, combining the use of BIM methodology, geographic information systems and drones.

OHLA carries out digitization of Lund-Arlöv project in Sweden


The line is one of Sweden’s busiest rail routes, with a daily traffic of 450 trains and approximately 60,000 passengers. Upon completion of the works, this capacity will be increased to 650 trains and 80,000 passengers per day. The project is based on the use of digital twins generated from BIM models, drone images and geographic information systems in the construction of the section.

The digital twins have been used to visualize, analyze and control all kinds of relevant parameters and processes such as earthworks, best access routes to the work front, site access management, site units, temporary occupations and environmental management, among others.


Access to the data has been carried out through a dashboard, an open application for mobile devices and web viewers, developed by OHLA, which gives access to the information, promotes collaboration and allows the project to be viewed as a whole.

Its 3-D vision provides a high level of updating and detail of the progress of the work, as well as significant cost savings and agility in decision making. At the peak of the project, more than 300 people have been handling information at the same time.







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