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Adif, Adif AV, Renfe, Cedex and Ineco participate in European railway R&D&I partnership

Adif, Adif Alta Velocidad, Renfe Operadora, Cedex and Ineco, all of them companies of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma), participate in the R&D&I joint venture ´Europe´s Rail Joint Undertaking´, the new European Union partnership dedicated to railways, with six projects valued at €568.4 million.

Adif, Adif AV, Renfe, Cedex and Ineco participate in European railway R&D&I partnership


The companies will collaborate on the design and implementation of R&D&I projects in the areas of the management of the European railway network and its traffics; the automation and digitalisation of rail operations; sustainable and resilient systems, with emphasis on rail freight transport in a supply chain perspective; and the revitalisation of regional lines and the strengthening of their capillarity effect.

Proposals will include a commitment to a modern ERTMS to increase track capacity, developing common rules for efficient operations, allowing sufficiently elastic path allocations and unrestricted access to all train tickets to integrate with other modes. They will also work towards flexible rolling stock, where more capacity is needed, in line with the deployment of the liberalisation of the European railway network.

Innovation Pillar

The actions to be performed within the framework of the agreement will be included in the so-called Innovation Pillar of the Joint Undertaking. These will be carried out as innovation actions and/or Flagship Projects, within the so-called Flagship Areas. In these initiatives, the Mitma entities will contribute human resources, facilities, laboratories, infrastructure, assets and material worth €53.2 million and will receive aid from the European Commission of up to €23.7 million.

In September 2022, ‘Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking’ published grants to six projects in its first competitive call for proposals. All of them involve the membership of the Mitma group, headed by Adif/Adif Alta Velocidad as leader and with Renfe Operadora, Ineco and Cedex as affiliated entities.

• FP1-MOTIONAL, for network and mobility management in a multimodal environment;
• FP 2-R2DATO, oriented to digital and automatic train operation;
• FP3-IAM4RAIL, aimed at intelligent and integrated asset management;
• FP4-Rail4EARTH, for the development of a green and sustainable railway system;
• FP5-TRANS4M-R, aimed at building and evolving green, sustainable, digital and competitive freight services;
• FP6-FutuRe: innovation that revitalises regional railway lines.



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