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CAF to supply metro and tram units to Italy

CAF will extend the supply of metro units to Naples and will manufacture nine tram units that will operate on future sections of the Palermo city's tram network.

 CAF to supply metro and tram units to Italy


The Ente Autonomo Volturno - the company responsible for the regional and metropolitan public transport service in Naples - has awarded CAF the supply of six metro units, as well as their corresponding depot parts and maintenance for three years. The trains are intended to operate on the Piscinola/Scampia-Aversa line and also on the line running from Piscinola to Miano, Secondigliano and Di Vittorio.

This agreement forms part of the framework contract signed by CAF and the Ente Autonomo Volturno in mid-2020, which involved the supply of ten metro units, the first four of which were ordered back then.


For the project of the new Palermo tramway lines A, B and C, the joint venture made up of the Italian company Sis Scpa and CAF has five months to prepare the executive project before the work begins. CAF's contribution will be the manufacture and commissioning of nine trams, with an option to extend this supply with a further 35 additional units.















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